The night after watching Me and Earl and the Dying Girl I laid in bed next to my fiance.  My mind racing.  The lights were off and she was asleep.  Light came in through my window from the neighboring building of some nights owls who live a few floors up.  Looking through my window I […]


I admit, before my own recent move to NYC and the near corresponding release of Taylor Swift’s 1989, I hardly knew who Swift was. Vague associations to country music and, more strongly but somewhat confusingly, pop stardom sprang to mind. But then the whole “Taylor Swift is the new face of New York” tourism thing […]


John William’s novel of academic life, Stoner, had been on my radar since the summer when it came up during conversation amongst some really well read folks.  Then when a friend showed me what may be DC’s best book store, Kramerbooks, I saw it sitting on the under shelves of one of the main display […]


There was an experience I had about a year and a half ago that I meant to write about. I even tried to write about it, but what came out was a mess, and I feared it would make me seem a bit crazy. To anyone who doesn’t meditate, this may sound strange.  To anyone […]

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Since I left my teaching post in Colombia I’ve been in so many odd situations, met such an eclectic mix of people, experienced many emotional highs and lows.  It makes it hard to distill much of anything down into a post I can blog to you about. But I need to be sure to tell […]


I siked myself up for it. Thought, this sounds great! I’d learn some skills. It’d be part time, so I would have time to write, pursue my creative interests. And it was a copywriting position. In the field I want to break into – that vague field (in my head) being anything in which I’m […]

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I went to a book event tonight. It just popped into my head earlier today to check if there were any literary events happening here in New York in the coming days that would be of interest. Turns out there are a ton, starting with tonight when McNally Jackson, a book store on Prince Street […]


How expansive are we?  All culture — media, TV, literature, speeches, food, fashion — all of it is just a projection of ourselves. You see a sad movie that reminds you of that thing you regret saying to your mother.  That regretful feeling is exactly what’s in that movie.  That’s where it comes from. The […]


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