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Carlos is an odd man. He’s the perfect man to run a bed and breakfast. You can find him in Montañita, a beach town on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador in South America (it wouldn’t occur to me to specify that Ecuador is in South America to you, dear reader, except my friend who’s been […]

transformers 4

  Notes on the movie’s messages in order of appearance: 1. The sexualization of a 17 year old girl.  Early on in the movie, Mark Wahlberg playing the dad to a 17 year old daughter gives her grief about her short shorts and how they’re inappropriate.  The very next camera cut gives us a close up of […]


My girlfriend told me I’d need a change of clothes.  She said You need to bring a change of clothes. I laughed, thinking Please, this is yoga, and said I’ll be fine. She’d done hot yoga many times before.  Exasperated she said Just bring a change of clothes, man. Alright I said.  Skeptical. We took […]


I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more like an adult that I have over the last few months.  It’s not because I just bought a house, my first child was born, or I got married.  None of those things happened.  And maybe all of them in a myriad of ways would make me feel […]

hit hard

In case you haven’t realized, we’re living in a censor culture. Our censor-culture doesn’t seem to be based on some kind of Orwellian, top-down approach but is instead fully ubiquitous, existing in all spheres from big business to the grass roots of social media. If you say anything, especially if you’re a publicly known person, […]

duck dynasty

What is a critic for other than to make some people understand clearly the culture they absorb like sponges? Culture like movies, books, and TV shows that stand to entertain while revealing humanity, its many sides and layers. A critic interprets to make sure others understand what they willfully let into their heads, media that […]

the divide

If you enjoy rage, read it as soon as possible. If you enjoy absurdity, read it as soon as possible. If you enjoy vivid storytelling, read it as soon as possible. If you feel unease about Wall Street but can’t quite articulate why, read it as soon as possible. If you are curious about learning […]


In the last couple weeks, Maron’s put out some especially incredible stuff via his podcast.  One is his 500th episode.  A personal journey exploring how his show has affected his most personal and longest lasting relationships, from his most defining friendship to his relationship with his brother, mother, and father (one that’s particularly been troubled), […]


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