In our digital age artistic triumph is measured in youtube hits, influence measured in Twitter followers.  Frank explores the places where art matters most. The film follows a boy, Jon (played by Domhnall Gleeson), who wants to make music.  It’s clear from the opening scene in which he tries putting the most tired details of […]


NYC Fashion Week. 2014. The 2015 Jay Godfrey Collection. Presentation held in the basement of a building across the street from Time Warner’s headquarters. A line of mostly women, dressed to the t, the best their closets and wallets offer them. Standing outside waiting for whatever glamour is in store inside. An unglamorous and pushy […]


For one evening Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn transformed itself into an altar. Hordes of worshippers pilgrimaged from all around to congregate in the name of the two great gods who fill Broolyners lives with meaning and joy. The god of beer and the rising star of Brooklyn’s spiritual needs, the god of bicycles. Images […]


Sitting at Starbucks sometimes you can’t help but overhear the conversations around you, especially when you came there to write, and especially  when the nearest conversation to you is between an older, rotund man with a slow, Southern draw and an aging blond with a short staggered haircut and tropical themed paints suit, and they’re […]


The Kite Runner’s popularity cannot be denied.  As popular books go, readers can expect to have them recommended often.  Now I’ll come right out now and say that I’ve, in total seriousness, been called a book snob before, but generally when multiple people who aren’t necessarily voracious readers recommend a book to me, I acknowledge […]


It’s not that I don’t like hostels.  I used to love finding the cheapest available in whatever place I was as so many backpackers do.  But now I feel I’ve aged out of the typical hostel crowd.  One could argue one never ages out of staying at hostels.  That old guy which most every hostel […]

is the internet destroying privacy

If you’re a regular person without a deep knowledge of the web and all its working’s you should know if you don’t already that you’ve surrendered all of your (digital) privacy.   I’ll add some nuance to this by applying it to anyone who uses: email, facebook, other social media services, youtube, reads news online, etc.  That […]


The flick’s the same sort of light hearted romp we’ve come to expect from Marvel’s annual parade of offerings.  There’s laughs, whimsy, explosions, drama, suspense, and, shrouding the villain and his villainous affairs, a shot at Muslim extremism.   The dear leader of Guardian’s band of misfits, Peter Quill/Star Lord (played by Chris Pratt) fills […]


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