The Kite Runner’s popularity cannot be denied.  As popular books go, readers can expect to have them recommended often.  Now I’ll come right out now and say that I’ve, in total seriousness, been called a book snob before, but generally when multiple people who aren’t necessarily voracious readers recommend a book to me, I acknowledge […]


It’s not that I don’t like hostels.  I used to love finding the cheapest available in whatever place I was as so many backpackers do.  But now I feel I’ve aged out of the typical hostel crowd.  One could argue one never ages out of staying at hostels.  That old guy which most every hostel […]

is the internet destroying privacy

If you’re a regular person without a deep knowledge of the web and all its working’s you should know if you don’t already that you’ve surrendered all of your (digital) privacy.   I’ll add some nuance to this by applying it to anyone who uses: email, facebook, other social media services, youtube, reads news online, etc.  That […]


The flick’s the same sort of light hearted romp we’ve come to expect from Marvel’s annual parade of offerings.  There’s laughs, whimsy, explosions, drama, suspense, and, shrouding the villain and his villainous affairs, a shot at Muslim extremism.   The dear leader of Guardian’s band of misfits, Peter Quill/Star Lord (played by Chris Pratt) fills […]


 Assumptions were made as they most often are.  Honestly, who among you considers yourself to have any taste in movies whatsoever and then really would have guessed The LEGO Movie would be any good? Not I said the weasel. And yet it’s grand.  And I’m not alone in the sentiment by any means.  Scan Rotten […]

Featured Image -- 2098

Originally posted on PandoDaily:
At this morning’s American Association of Advertising Agencies’ public relations forum, the New York Times’ executive vice president of advertising Meredith Levien threw a cat in with the pigeons. The Times’ sponsored content (or ‘native advertising’ depending on your preference for buzzwords) was performing roughly as well as its editorial content, Levien…

hostal sole mare 2

Carlos is an odd man. He’s the perfect man to run a bed and breakfast. You can find him in Montañita, a beach town on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador in South America (it wouldn’t occur to me to specify that Ecuador is in South America to you, dear reader, except my friend who’s been […]

transformers 4

  Notes on the movie’s messages in order of appearance: 1. The sexualization of a 17 year old girl.  Early on in the movie, Mark Wahlberg playing the dad to a 17 year old daughter gives her grief about her short shorts and how they’re inappropriate.  The very next camera cut gives us a close up of […]


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