I’ve been thinking about how nature as a safe, idyllic place is a false romanticized notion. Sitting at the edge of my privileged international school’s vast lot, out where the sports fields are, located in the exterior of Cartagena where there are thick trees, shrubbery, thick bug music dotted with the calls of birds. […]

social classes

Rhetorically, it’s American to say things like you shouldn’t expect anything just because of who your parents are.  If your parents are so and so you aren’t entitled to any special treatment.  You are entitled to nothing special until you, personally, have earned special treatment. This is of course false. The privileged aren’t typically privileged […]


Ten minutes into The Wolf of Wall Street a deep fear overcame me that teenage boys are going to see this movie and see Wall Streeters as the new rock stars. They are going to romanticize these characters, romanticize their lives and aspire to live them, live like them. I thought that for two reasons. […]


Yesterday I met a man who has killed a lot of people. That’s not a unique statement.  Since there have been people there have been people who killed other people.  So there have been people who have met those who have killed. But in some fashion, there’s a childlike curiosity that came over me, lingers […]


The title includes something broad enough that you feel included (and everybody else too).  Like 5 ways to take advantage of your 20’s.  Or.  5 ways to have a great relationship.  Or.  5 ways you know you have the best friends ever.  Etc. Typically it’s positive and obviously positive.  You’ll click to the article thinking […]


Before last week I thought boarders were absurd and nationalism a farce. Sure there are differences among us, but aren’t we all just people.  Different people have their different cultures, ways, tastes.  But we’re all the same species with the same basic needs and wants.  A smile is a smile anywhere you go.  A handshake […]


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